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cloud strategy

We know that you want to...

  • Future-proof your organisation through digital transformation
  • Have a scalable system that grows with you
  • Deliver results and outcomes that move your organisation forward

But you might be...

  • Feeling like your cloud transformation is chaotic
  • Missing a clear and integrated view of multi year long and short term ICT plans
  • Focusing on app migration instead of people & processes?
  • Needing a more strategic approach
  • Delivering outcomes that don’t align with your business goals
cloud strategy

That’s where we come in.

We work with enterprises and agencies to craft a scalable, reliable, and evergreen ecosystem that creates results.

Our 3-step process is here to help you...

  • Co-design your strategy

    Take a strategic, system-wide look at your entire ecosystem to determine the best approach for your organisation and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

    What you get:

    • A high-level digital strategy and domain-level strategies in collaboration with your business stakeholders
    • Strategic architecture choices and solutions
    • Transformation roadmaps
    • Target state reference architecture models
    • Strategy and Architecture ProductisationTM (nevergree to evergreen)

  • Identify your programmes

    Implement ideas, make investments, and pursue projects that put your strategy into action and work towards your business outcomes.

    What you get:

    • A short and long term ICT program and project initiatives
    • Advance Integrated Roadmap (AiRTM ) to execute the change
    • Alignment with current and future ICT investments

  • Adopting Change

    Get ongoing advice and support with implementation to iteratively adopt change and consistently action your roadmap, move forward, and achieve your goals.

    What you get:

    • Strategic business drivers for making change
    • Strategy and investment plan
    • Future operating model
    • Adopt change and scale
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We can deliver

Our strategies & solutions are...

  • Structured & co-designed

    Every business is different, so your strategies should be too. We work collaboratively with executives and your teams to ask questions and understand your organisation in order to provide custom solutions that solve your problems and achieve their goals.

  • Integrated & aligned

    Your digital strategy doesn't exist in a silo – it is impacted by your overall business objectives, and in turn, impacts other areas of the business. Our approach aligns and integrates your architecture with your business outcomes to create effective change.

  • Actionable & alive

    As your organisation develops and evolves, so too will your strategy. Our roadmaps are actionable, living documents that will adapt as you scale and enable intentional, actionable projects that make a tangible difference to your organisation.


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