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What we do

VedArc is a strategy and architecture consultancy focused on practical digital transformation.

We are here to help you evaluate, establish, and evolve your ICT architecture ecosystem.

We enable you to confidently achieve your change outcomes.

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Are you...

    • Making an investment case to justify change?
    • Considering a move to the cloud?
    • Looking to adopt AI safely?
    • Lacking strategic direction?
    • Planning how to get there?
    • Experiencing challenges with business engagement?
    • Focusing on technical change instead of people and processes?
    • Struggling without the right people and resources?

That's where we come in.

We work with enterprises and agencies to craft a scalable, reliable, and evergreen ecosystem that delivers sustainable results.

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Leave it with us

  • MAS (Managed Architectural Services)

    extends the software-as-a-service notion to offer enterprises an additional option to address the issue of scarcity of critical architectural skills in the current market. Subscribing to Managed Architectural Services (MAS), gives you timely access to senior, experienced talent at a more affordable cost without competing for staff or carrying the overheads associated with direct employment. Sourcing through MAS gives you more flexibility in matching costs to benefits and matching skills to specific design challenges

    An additional tactic is to source critical skills in new ways – as a service. Subscribing to Managed Architectural Services (MAS), can give you access to senior, experienced talent at a more affordable cost without competing for staff or carrying the overhead associated with direct employment. Sourcing through MAS can give you more flexibility in matching cost to benefit and in matching skills to specific design challenges

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  • Benefits of MAS

    • Timeliness

      Certified architecture practitioners’ talent is made available promptly.

    • Consistency

      Deliverables are reviewed by EA practitioners within VedArc’s Architecture Community of Practice for guaranteed quality delivery.

    • Resilient

      Retain and leverage institutional IP to confidently plan and undertake strategic and transformational projects.

    • Outcome oriented

      Resources can hit the ground running from day one and de-risk delivery with VedArc’s IPs and experience.

    • Efficiency

      Avoid costs associated with hiring and training resources, or subscription-based consumption models.

    • Offload Risks

      No need to own contractor resources. VedArc will ensure you get the right architect for the job.

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You’re in good hands

Our team of strategy and architecture practitioners have more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sector.

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  • It starts with your strategy

  • We will align your strategy & architecture to your strategic objectives so that you can achieve better business outcomes. We start with your organisational strategy and bring that through everything else we do

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Our process

  • 1. Co-design your strategy

    Take a strategic, system-wide look at your entire ecosystem to determine the best approach for your organisation and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

  • 2. Identify your programme

    Implement ideas, make investments, and pursue projects that put your strategy into action and work towards your business outcomes.

  • 3. Adopt the change

    Get ongoing advice and implementation support to iteratively adopt the cloud and consistently action your roadmap, move forward, and achieve your goals.

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Here to help at each stage of the cloud journey

Whether you’re...

  • Not on the cloud

    We’ll establish a strategic direction to adopt cloud technologies in your organisation.

  • Have some footprint

    We’ll uncover how we can optimise and align people, processes, and technology to fully embrace the cloud.

  • Fully on the cloud

    We’ll craft strategies for your business future on the cloud.


We’ll help you do it all.

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